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The Story Behind The Tech Gap

“We’re seeing millions of students — some of them brilliant students — not getting exposed to computer science and the broad range of careers related to computer science.”

Zigs Edu’Tech-Tainment is an one-stop nonprofit organization that provides an array of educational, employment, training and mentoring services based around technology in office applications, web design & development, professional graphics design, multimedia and animation, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, search engine optimization, hardware and software, networking, real-estate, auto mechanic, entertainment, public safety, AutoCAD and etc. courses.

 The Zig-A-Tech Training Center opens its doors to people who do not have access to the digital world training’s simply because it’s not offered to them and when it is offered to them in many cases it is far too expensive for them to afford. We provide all the tools that are needed from being introduced to tech to seeking to expand in the industry. Unequal access to technology creates disadvantages. We specialize in training builders whom are:

 “Building A Bridge Today! To Close the Technology Gap Tomorrow”.

Our main reason of starting this non profit service is mainly because Studies show that low-income students and students of color consistently have less access than their white counterparts to educational assets, such as properly funded schools, funding, qualified teachers, high-quality curricula, books, and computers.

School Teachers Can Use Technology to Overcome the Minority Gap, however there is limits/blocks with the funding to these districts. While policies at the state and federal level may draw attention to the minority achievement gap, it’s in the classroom where there is the most immediate opportunity to actually close it. Teachers today can and should be closely examining the difference in achievement between minority and low-income students and white and/or affluent students, and actively working to close this gap.

Almost all children have some exposure to technology, either through video games, mobile phones or electronic tablets, but African-American students don’t pursue tech at the same rate as their white and Asian peers.

Much of that is due to poverty and a shortage of academic offerings in high-poverty neighborhoods, he said. African-Americans are more likely to attend high schools that don’t offer advanced computer science classes, more likely to live in homes without high-speed internet access, and less likely to participate in pricey after-school or summer tech classes.

The business model is developed from the understanding that there is a growing need for standard education and community services through a well-structured and easily practicable measure and train people in tech then so they can work to build new tech based products, software, games, etc. There is a substantial opportunity to cater to these needs with an innovative concept. The business model is to leverage the hospitality nature of ZIGS EDU’TECH-TAINMENT INC to slow down the statistics of poor and uneducated youths in the community.

Computer science is among the fastest-growing and highest-paying fields in the country, and too many people of color are left out. Even if his students decide not to pursue technology as a career, they should at least have the choice, he said.

Furthermore, tech skills are useful in many professions, not just those in Silicon Valley. Computer programming is a great way to learn logic, problem-solving, math, teamwork and other important skills, he said.

We’re not here to turn everyone into a coder,” “But we want to give kids the opportunity to thrive in tech if they want to. We have the talent … There’s just too much potential here that’s not being drawn out.”