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We teach Youths & Teens how to become innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Showing them how to build their bridge early.

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3D Game Design with Minecraft, Adventures in Minecraft, Minecraft Modding with Java, Minecraft Modpack Development, Minecraft Server Setup

Game Design

Video Game Design, 3D Game Design with Unreal, Virtual Reality Game Design with Unreal,3D Game Design with Team Fortress 2, Mobile Game Design for iPhone & Android,


LEGO Robotics, Engineering, VEX Robotics, Adventures in LEGO Robotics, WeDo Robotics,


3D Printing & Engineering with Autodesk 123D, Programming & Engineering with Arduino, Build a PC, Electrical Engineering & Coding,


Java Programming, Python Coding, Programming with Javascript, Game Programming with Python, Scratch Programming

the xr family

3D Printing & Engineering with Autodesk 123D, Programming & Engineering with Arduino, Build a PC, Electrical Engineering & Coding,

music production

Covers recording and audio sampling, advanced synth building, drum programming, improvisation, and an introduction to basic mixing and mastering.


Students learn how to work solo or as a team from the idea to a real useable business plan. Learn how to create economic value, how to conduct market research, how to prototype a product, how to design lean experiments to validate their ideas with little to no spending, and how to iterate and improve their ideas & business model base

Graphic Design

Students will learn how to create stunning digital photography and enhance imagery in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students will build up their digital photography techniques first, then transition to developing their software and editing skills.

vr game development

Students will learn to use the Unity editor to create levels and environments, program mechanics in C#, and create a few guided projects. Make game a testing game.

Illustration & Animation

Students will develop storyboards, create characters and build production-ready assets to be used for films, commercials even video games. By the end of the academy, students will have developed several portfolio pieces to jump-start their career in animation and commercial art.

2d/3D & digital Animation

Students will look at the professional animation pipeline, strongly focusing on illustrative pre-production. Students will utilize industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony.

Photography & Photoshop

Students will learn professional shooting techniques combined with hands-on learning show how to use a DSLR camera to take world-class photographs. Students will learn professional workflows and manual camera controls like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO speed settings, as well as use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to edit photos.

VIDEO & live stream

Students will act as worker in video production, journalism, public relations, marketing or digital media. They will learn Tech and Performance Skills for Music Videos, Movies, Zoom Meetings - Twitch - OBS - Open Broadcaster - FB - Periscope/Twitter Live - Youtube Live - Twitch - Mixer -Even Instagram and Tik Tok From a PC !!

Tech Product development

Students will gain the tools needed to successfully develop and manufacture their own product. Learn how to bring the product from concept to market launch.

360 Cyber Designer

Students will learn coding tools for full control and efficient design. Learn how to write and edit in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more. These skills will teach them how to build websites and apps.

Drone Test Prep Course

This drone course will teach students the skills they need to take the actual Part 107 test. It begins with an introduction to the software tools that you can use to launch a drone successfully and safely. Once they learn the drone basics, they will learn to fly the drone, take pictures and videos. They will walk away with the skills to become a safe drone pilot and get a job.

360 Productions

Students will learn how to create 360 Videos, Games & Photos. They will create their own immersive cinematic VR experiences. Pick the 360 camera rig that fits their goals and become an expert in virtual reality filmmaking.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics—and it’s the addition of that A for Art that sets STEAM apart from STEM studies. Students focus not just on developing core STEM skills but also on incorporating creativity into those pursuits.