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What is TECH L.I.F.E. Laboratory?

T.L. is an Tech Based Arcade for learning. Where you learn by having fun by using gaming tools such as VR, MR, AR, IMMERSIVE VR AND STIMULAOTRS. Learning In Fun Environments.  ZNDN Tech is the brainchild behind this concept. With 33 design stations it covers well over 1,000 careers. From siting with a controller or keyboard in hand to standing and spinning 360 to operating on a heart transplant to fixing a car or saving a life this laboratory is the perfect tech place for it.  

ABCs & 123s

A.R. Zone

Animal Zone


Carnival Games VR

Concession & VR Court

Demo’s & Experiences


Entertainment Zone

Escape Zone


Face Your fears

Fitness Zone

Game on! Territory


Gamers Podcasting Station

Girl Gamerz Zone

Green Zone

Hologram Arena

Leap Motion Laboratory

Medical Arts

Next Big Star

Parents Station

Play with Friends

Ready Aim Shoot


Social Lounge

Special Needs Gamerz


Story Time

Tech. Hub

Windows Mixed Reality

Zigs Edu-Tainment

Zigs Movie Theater